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The “Half” of It: The Catfish Basket

(This Dispatch is the first in a series of Dispatches that will feature people, businesses and stories of the Hondo Plaza Center in Northeast El Paso.) There is a sign at every table warning the customers that all food may contain small bones. I’m not here for the fish, though. I’m here for the story. … Continue reading

Journalism on Wheels: Downtown’s Face Double Take

By this point you may have noticed I have a thing for Black and White photography. I enjoy how the lack of color focuses our eyes on the character and features of a face. Still, from a child’s first encounter with a death in the family to a quinceañera’s nervous first kiss, a lesson we … Continue reading

Journalism on Wheels: A Face for the Crowd

If not for its people, there is no city. The faces that fill ours often pass us by without us thinking much of it.  Yet, we share sidewalks, shopping carts and time stuck waiting before glaring, red streetlights. We go to bed each night under the same star and wake each day to the same … Continue reading

Of Dumpsters and Beer Cans

He’s up every morning at the crack of dawn and out, trekking from dumpster to dumpster on the cracked streets of central El Paso, until the sun comes down. He pushes a makeshift cart in front of him, ever searching for soda and beer cans, taking a single break around noon for lunch. Luis Macias … Continue reading

Anchor Babies and Dream Acts

By Cheryl Howard Anchors keep us centered in bad weather, keep us from drifting away with the current or the wind.  Dreams are not anchors; they are the wisps of wind or the current itself.  Dreams are unfettered by reality.  In them we can fly, be two places at once, become some one or some … Continue reading

Windy Tuesday

Any other Tuesday, 13-year-old Alexis Veliz would have walked the halls of Ensor Middle School. Any other Tuesday, Alexis would have sat quietly in class and worked on some math problem or other. He might have practiced his sentence structure a bit or maybe his grammar. Any other Tuesday, and perhaps a few Tuesdays after … Continue reading


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