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Photo Essay

Journalism on Wheels: Downtown’s Face Double Take

By this point you may have noticed I have a thing for Black and White photography. I enjoy how the lack of color focuses our eyes on the character and features of a face.

Still, from a child’s first encounter with a death in the family to a quinceañera’s nervous first kiss, a lesson we all learn is that nothing in life is simply black and white.

El Paso is not black and white nor is it simply brown.

The Sun City’s color is so integral to its character that some photos just don’t work without it.

For the sake of our mother’s red lipstick, here’s another look at El Centro. 



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About rayaguirre3

I grew up in San Elizario, a few miles outside of El Paso, Texas. My affair with photography started with the disposable cameras I'd carry everywhere. As the years went by and the cameras got bigger, I became known as the guy with the lens in people's faces. Photography is known to be the art of capturing the moment. I love to be the one who seeks that moment out. Much like life and love, photography is based on perspective. My aim is to provide a new one.


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