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Neon Dust on the Desert’s Rim

Neon Desert Music Festival.
It was and remains the strongest and boldest attempt at a large scale music festival in the Sun City.

For a day, El Paso’s downtown sprouted four stages for 29 scheduled musical acts. Street artists and painters set up canvases  and wood boards under the sun. Food and beer vendors lined the edges of the festival, rows of port-o-poties just a gallop away.

They may come in a bit late, but its such a shame to have these images sitting around with no eyes to gaze back at. If you made it out to this 12-hour festival, I hope going through them will reignite some of those ecstatic/exhausted/drunken memories. If you didn’t, you might should consider saving up for next year’s festival.

Yes. There will be another.



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About rayaguirre3

I grew up in San Elizario, a few miles outside of El Paso, Texas. My affair with photography started with the disposable cameras I'd carry everywhere. As the years went by and the cameras got bigger, I became known as the guy with the lens in people's faces. Photography is known to be the art of capturing the moment. I love to be the one who seeks that moment out. Much like life and love, photography is based on perspective. My aim is to provide a new one.


One thought on “Neon Dust on the Desert’s Rim

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