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Las Fiestas!

It’s that time of year again!

Once a year, many of the churches of our community hold huge parties meant to draw visitors and raise funds for the church. The holy houses fill the air with flashing lights, festive music and dust picked up by the feet of the hundreds that attend.
The Kermés, as it’s called, is an all ages event that usually rides on late into the night. Whole families walk the grounds of the church, mingling with neighbors and strangers, all looking for the best place to buy some corn-in-a-cup.
The most recent Kermés was held at San Lorenzo Catholic Church. The large plot of land allows for this party to recruit mechanical amusement rides, giving it the feel of a mini carnival. For the price of a few tickets, kids lined up to be lost in an eternity of mirrors, to be swung high in the air and to be spun into a feather-brained delirium.

Booths were set up next to the fair rides and visitors could find folk foods and drinks to satisfy any good Mexican appetite. From tacos de tripitas and gorditas to agua de melon, shaved ice and cold beer, visitors had no shortage of belly filling goodness.
Right alongside drink and food booths were also shops selling all sorts of goods and trinkets. Virgen de Guadalupe necklaces and inflatable Spider-men hung from their displays.

And of course, no party is a party without music.
Live bands set up on stage and played music for everyone within a four block radius to hear.

This set of photos is Part One of the San Lorenzo Kermés.
Before the sun settled into the night, the shop owners and food venders were hard at work, sweating thick drops. They raced to have their goods and wares ready for the crowds that gathered just as the moon started to shine.



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About rayaguirre3

I grew up in San Elizario, a few miles outside of El Paso, Texas. My affair with photography started with the disposable cameras I'd carry everywhere. As the years went by and the cameras got bigger, I became known as the guy with the lens in people's faces. Photography is known to be the art of capturing the moment. I love to be the one who seeks that moment out. Much like life and love, photography is based on perspective. My aim is to provide a new one.


2 thoughts on “Las Fiestas!

  1. Great photographs and accompanying story, Ray. On a slight tangent you should have John tell you about the abandoned mall on Saipan. It’s name was La Fiesta. It was a pretty large complex by Saipan standards, but now its stripped of all its copper/electrical wiring and overgrown by bushes. Pretty tragic…it kind of is a metaphor for Saipan’s economy over the last 15-20 years.

    Posted by Steven Johnson | August 15, 2011, 9:14 am


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