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New Soles for Old Hallways

Giggling kids unzipped backpacks filled with new shoes and school supplies on Operation HOPE’s back-to-school event held at Destiny Christian Family Center.

Those of you who remember Operation HOPE’s super-powered fundraiser have probably been waiting to hear about the backpack and shoe extravaganza it was meant to fuel.

HOPE (helping other people endure) is a local non-profit with the goal of helping those in El Paso who need it most.

Back in August, a group of super citizens joined forces for the benefit of 250+ children who had been nominated by churches and community outreach centers based on their economic needs.

Parents lined up with their kids and were helped by members of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and volunteers of both Destiny church and Operation HOPE.

Congressman Silvestre Reyes and Mayor John Cook came to support the event and talked to the many media groups present.

Ruby Gomez, daughter of Operation HOPE founder Angel Gomez, did most of the shopping herself. Surely most everyone has had that moment in the store when you can’t quite decide between colors or whether that shoe is better than this one.

Now imagine making that decision 250 times, loading all those shoes in the trunk of your car, matching each shoe with its appropriate backpack (making sure your high school age male shoe doesn’t go into a Hello Kitty bag) and then distributing them to the right child on the list.

Just another weekend in the life of El Paso’s own Wonder Woman.

For those of you thinking Operation HOPE is just the kind of people you’d like to surround yourself with or if you’re looking for a good reason to wear your colorful tights and mask,
make sure to get a hold of them and join their fundraising team here.

(They’ve got plans for Halloween; just a heads up)




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I grew up in San Elizario, a few miles outside of El Paso, Texas. My affair with photography started with the disposable cameras I'd carry everywhere. As the years went by and the cameras got bigger, I became known as the guy with the lens in people's faces. Photography is known to be the art of capturing the moment. I love to be the one who seeks that moment out. Much like life and love, photography is based on perspective. My aim is to provide a new one.


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