I'm John. I was born "ready" then had my name legally changed to John.
thejohn06 has written 2 posts for The Bean Juice Dispatches

How the Salas Family Beat Down Syndrome

“One time, when I was younger, I asked my mom if I wasn’t pretty,” said Consuelo Salas. “My mom asked, ‘What? Why?’ And I said, ‘Because everybody stares at Angelica. Is she prettier than me?’ My mom didn’t know what to say.” Consuelo was too young to understand at the time that the reason people … Continue reading

The “Half” of It: The Catfish Basket

(This Dispatch is the first in a series of Dispatches that will feature people, businesses and stories of the Hondo Plaza Center in Northeast El Paso.) There is a sign at every table warning the customers that all food may contain small bones. I’m not here for the fish, though. I’m here for the story. … Continue reading


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