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La Rive Gauche: The Border That Remains

-From the Desk of Cheryl Howard- This is an interview I conducted via the internet with a former student, Veronica Ramos, who now lives in France.  It is meant to accompany the two interviews I did earlier with students from other countries who came to El Paso as students and stayed, at least for the … Continue reading

Choosing El Chuco

-From the desk of Cheryl Howard-           When most people think of El Paso, they think of people who have lived here all their lives or people who “had” to come here for work, most visibly military folks.  It is almost inconceivable that people would come here from other countries, by choice, … Continue reading

La Reyna

La Reyna By Aurelio Saldaña Jr. There she is, looking right at us from the stool at the middle of the bar.  She shows a smile and a slight nod of her chin.  This seemingly insignificant gesture is a “Quiubole” or “Hi, how are you?” here on the borderland. Spanish music and the faint smell … Continue reading

Marginal NOTES

– From the desk of Dr. Cheryl Howard – MARGINAL NOTES When I came to El Paso to live, I interviewed for a job at UTEP and bought a house in Sunset Heights.  From both my office and my house I could see two countries; I felt like I had moved to a very special … Continue reading

Anchor Babies and Dream Acts

By Cheryl Howard Anchors keep us centered in bad weather, keep us from drifting away with the current or the wind.  Dreams are not anchors; they are the wisps of wind or the current itself.  Dreams are unfettered by reality.  In them we can fly, be two places at once, become some one or some … Continue reading


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