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Las Fiestas!

It’s that time of year again! Once a year, many of the churches of our community hold huge parties meant to draw visitors and raise funds for the church. The holy houses fill the air with flashing lights, festive music and dust picked up by the feet of the hundreds that attend. The Kermés, as it’s … Continue reading

Burning Rubber through the South West

As threatening and unwelcoming as the desert may seem at times, there is something undeniably peaceful about being surrounded by a vastness of nothing. Of course the Chihuahuan desert is not empty, but the openness of the land certainly seems that way by contrast of the cities speckled throughout it. San Elizario, Clint, Fabens, Horizon, … Continue reading

A Mountain Stroll and a Jamboree

Texas. It’s fair to say that El Paso is at times in better touch with New Mexico than it is with Texas. We share our water, desert and mountains. We dispute our football dominance over I-10. We like our salsas flavorful and spicy. Who doesn’t love New Mexican green chile? When the Chihuahuan sand gets to … Continue reading

Neon Dust on the Desert’s Rim

Neon Desert Music Festival. It was and remains the strongest and boldest attempt at a large scale music festival in the Sun City. For a day, El Paso’s downtown sprouted four stages for 29 scheduled musical acts. Street artists and painters set up canvases  and wood boards under the sun. Food and beer vendors lined the edges … Continue reading

Journalism on Wheels: Downtown’s Face Double Take

By this point you may have noticed I have a thing for Black and White photography. I enjoy how the lack of color focuses our eyes on the character and features of a face. Still, from a child’s first encounter with a death in the family to a quinceañera’s nervous first kiss, a lesson we … Continue reading

Journalism on Wheels: A Face for the Crowd

If not for its people, there is no city. The faces that fill ours often pass us by without us thinking much of it.  Yet, we share sidewalks, shopping carts and time stuck waiting before glaring, red streetlights. We go to bed each night under the same star and wake each day to the same … Continue reading

Of Dumpsters and Beer Cans

He’s up every morning at the crack of dawn and out, trekking from dumpster to dumpster on the cracked streets of central El Paso, until the sun comes down. He pushes a makeshift cart in front of him, ever searching for soda and beer cans, taking a single break around noon for lunch. Luis Macias … Continue reading

Madame Mountain

I spent the greater part of last week in the New Mexico mountain village of Cloudcroft. Elevation: 8,600 feet above sea-level Population: 749 My trusty camera came along with me, of course. Although much of my time there was spent sawing, hammering,  and hauling, I decidedly set time apart to absorb as much of the … Continue reading

El Paso’s Cesar Chavez day parade

March 31 marks the 90th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. It marks the official opening of the Eiffel Tower and the Japanese invasion of Christmas Island during WWII. Among Chican@s though, March 31 swells around the memory of César Estrada Chávez. March 31 marks César Chávez Day. March 31 marks a call for peaceful … Continue reading


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