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Waiting for the Trolley

“If you can’t imagine a better future, you can’t have one,” said Peter Svarzbein, mastermind behind the El Paso Transnational Trolley Project. The project started out as his college thesis envisioning a transnational trolley between the sister cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez; a symbol of commerce, cultural exchange and most of all, peace. … Continue reading

El Vaquero Rides Into the Sunset

El Vaquero With a jingle of his fiberglass spurs and a devilish snort out his red-eyed steed, El Vaquero rode out of the Sun City this afternoon.   The statue of this dark skinned, gun-wielding horseman clinging to the back of a wild-eyed horse, was created by the hands of Luis Jimenez. A second Vaquero … Continue reading

New Soles for Old Hallways

Giggling kids unzipped backpacks filled with new shoes and school supplies on Operation HOPE’s back-to-school event held at Destiny Christian Family Center. Those of you who remember Operation HOPE’s super-powered fundraiser have probably been waiting to hear about the backpack and shoe extravaganza it was meant to fuel. HOPE (helping other people endure) is a … Continue reading

Las Fiestas: A Twinkle and a Flash

. . . And the Fiestas continue! As promised, this is part two of our Kermés series. Make sure to click back to our last entry to check out the daytime look at these community church parties. As nighttime covers the land and the church bells call out to the moon, visitors trickle in one … Continue reading

El Curandero de San Eli

The man led me into his house before I gave him much of an explanation for why I was there. He walked me over to his kitchen table and sat down comfortably, strapped on his portable oxygen and asked what I wanted to know. “What’s your name?” I asked. He answered, “Juan Ricardo Sioux Kessler … Continue reading

Con El Rey del Camaron

Through the AM radio waves of 70’s Los Angeles, listeners knew Salvador De La Cruz as The King of Shrimp, “El Rey del Camaron.” KWKW/1330 AM was the Spanish station of the workers in the City of Angels. In the sweaty halls of LA’s maquiladoras, cumbias and corridos echoed over the hardened beat of sowing … Continue reading

Windy Tuesday

Any other Tuesday, 13-year-old Alexis Veliz would have walked the halls of Ensor Middle School. Any other Tuesday, Alexis would have sat quietly in class and worked on some math problem or other. He might have practiced his sentence structure a bit or maybe his grammar. Any other Tuesday, and perhaps a few Tuesdays after … Continue reading

El Paso’s Cesar Chavez day parade

March 31 marks the 90th day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. It marks the official opening of the Eiffel Tower and the Japanese invasion of Christmas Island during WWII. Among Chican@s though, March 31 swells around the memory of César Estrada Chávez. March 31 marks César Chávez Day. March 31 marks a call for peaceful … Continue reading


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