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The Fifty Cent Guy

50¢ guy We now know his name is Johnny, occasionally Juan. He has come to my door for several years, and aside from the noise he makes jingling the Christmas bells that substitute for a doorbell to my house, he asks for fifty cents in a quiet voice.  Not every day or even every week, … Continue reading

How the Salas Family Beat Down Syndrome

“One time, when I was younger, I asked my mom if I wasn’t pretty,” said Consuelo Salas. “My mom asked, ‘What? Why?’ And I said, ‘Because everybody stares at Angelica. Is she prettier than me?’ My mom didn’t know what to say.” Consuelo was too young to understand at the time that the reason people … Continue reading

Batarangs for Backpacks

As the summer heat blisters on, El Paso kids are quick to forget that dogged school bell, ever ticking away at their vacations. Every second gone by brings them closer to a new school-year riddled with enigmatic math problems and how-to essays for homework. . . Help! Batgirl! No, its really not that dire. Who … Continue reading

The “Half” of It: The Catfish Basket

(This Dispatch is the first in a series of Dispatches that will feature people, businesses and stories of the Hondo Plaza Center in Northeast El Paso.) There is a sign at every table warning the customers that all food may contain small bones. I’m not here for the fish, though. I’m here for the story. … Continue reading

Hello world!

. . . and thus we prepare for our journey; a camera slung on our shoulders and notepad/pen tucked away in our pockets.


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