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Waiting for the Trolley

“If you can’t imagine a better future, you can’t have one,” said Peter Svarzbein, mastermind behind the El Paso Transnational Trolley Project. The project started out as his college thesis envisioning a transnational trolley between the sister cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez; a symbol of commerce, cultural exchange and most of all, peace. … Continue reading

El Vaquero Rides Into the Sunset

El Vaquero With a jingle of his fiberglass spurs and a devilish snort out his red-eyed steed, El Vaquero rode out of the Sun City this afternoon.   The statue of this dark skinned, gun-wielding horseman clinging to the back of a wild-eyed horse, was created by the hands of Luis Jimenez. A second Vaquero … Continue reading

Neon Dust on the Desert’s Rim

Neon Desert Music Festival. It was and remains the strongest and boldest attempt at a large scale music festival in the Sun City. For a day, El Paso’s downtown sprouted four stages for 29 scheduled musical acts. Street artists and painters set up canvases  and wood boards under the sun. Food and beer vendors lined the edges … Continue reading


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